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  5. "Kie situas Toronto?"

"Kie situas Toronto?"

Translation:Where is Toronto located?

July 16, 2015



ĉu vi intensas la straton, la urbon, aŭ la provincon?


Been there more than once. Reminds my of the Gordon Lightfoot song "Alberta Bound":

The skyline of Toronto is something you'll get onto, But they say you've got to live there for awhile. And if you've got the money, you can get yourself a honey With a written guarantee to make you smile. But it's snowing in the city, and the streets are brown gritty, And I know there's pretty girls all over town. But they never seem to find me, and the one I left behind me Is the reason that I'll be Alberta bound.


Ne, en Kanado. :-)


Sed mi ne memoras kie en Kanado. Cxu vi scias?


En Kanado, sur Lago Ontario, norde de Niagraj Akvofaloj kaj Buffalo, NY.


Wow, that video led me to another one where they discussed the whole game and what was going on behind the scenes with Watson. Super interesting, thanks for the point in that direction.

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