"Tôi đã nói với cha mẹ tôi về điều đó."

Dịch:I spoke with my parents about that.

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"i spoke with my parents about it", sao ở đây dùng it không được mà phải dùng that ạ???

2 năm trước


with, to mang hai nghĩa khác nhau. Làm sao mà cùng nghĩa được chứ

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Mình cũng sai :3 Dò lại thì...

*used with 'to' and 'with' If you have a conversation with someone, you can say that you speak to them or talk to them. - I saw you speaking to him just now. - I enjoyed talking to Ana.

You can also say that you speak with someone or talk with someone. This use is particularly common in American English. - He spoke with his friends and told them what had happened. - I talked with his mother many times.

When you make a telephone call, you ask if you can speak to someone. You don't ask if you can 'talk to' them. - Hello. Could I speak to Sue, please?

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I spoke to my parent about that, I spoke to mg parent about that, I spoke with my parents about that

1 năm trước


i said with my parents about that. Sao k đc nhỉ

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