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"Bíonn siad ag rith ar an trá."

Translation:They do be running on the beach.

July 16, 2015



What would be another way to say this in English besides "They do be..." or just "They are..."?


“They are habitually/customarily/usually/regularly/always/forever/etc. running on the beach” — just add a suitable adverb.


The sentence sounds so weired.


They do be running?


They run on the beach accepted as correct! Yay!


As an example of Hiberno-English, the present-habitual construction "do be" continues to be used in some parts of Cork city, such as the Northside -"he do be working down town" or "he do have a new car." For that matter, Joyce uses it in "Ulysses": "Who is the gentleman does be visiting them". -Corcaigh Abu!


It's hardly limited to Cork city, the construction is still part of the vernacular throughout the country.

Further up the street, florist Dee Curry was parked in a loading bay making one of her many deliveries around the city: “Most of the time, I do be dreading trying to get parking,” she said.

That's a quote from someone in Dublin, included in an article in the Irish Times last year. It's unusual enough to see it in print, but it is still very much a normal part of the spoken language.

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