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"Senin öğretmenin yaşlı, Duo'nunki genç."

Translation:Your teacher is old, Duo's is young.

July 16, 2015



How would it be in plural (if the sentence was about more teacher)? Duo'nunkiler? Or is it enough to put the öğretmen in plural (senin öğretmenlerin) to know that Duo'nunki are plural as well?


so this is like a short version of "duo'nun öğretmeni genç"


Can we say : Your teacher is old, Duo's one is young ? thnx (i'm not native :p so sorry for the question)


No, we can't really use the "one" here. We say "one" with adjectives (this one, that one, the blue one, the big one), but not with possessives.

(And don't be sorry for the question! =) )


By the way, I think we should also have exercises about this topic: kirmizi OLAN benim.


How about the redundant second "is"? Can you skip this as well?


Why öğretmenin? Why not öğretmeni?


Duo'nunki = Duo + [n]u (possessive) + [n]ki ?? Is that the possessive suffix please? is it necessary? (because I think it should not be)


Duo + -n- (buffer vowel) + -in- (possessive) + -ki. The -ki, as I understand it, allows Duo'nun to function as a noun. Without -ki, Duo'nun would require a noun. E.g., Duo'nun öğretmen. It is similar to how, in English, you cannot say "Duo's teacher is old, my is young", but rather, you have to say "mine is young". It's the same principle, except that where English only does that with pronouns, Turkish does that with regular possessive nouns as well.


Btw: I think it should be "Duo'nun öğretmeni" ("i" for genitive) in your example.


"i" for possessive"? (don't want to be nit picking) :)


What is the mean of this sentence

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