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"There are a lot of treatments for blood cancer."

Translation:Kan kanserinin birçok tedavisi vardır.

July 16, 2015



I think because you need to translate it as "blood cancer's treatment", so: kan kanser + i (noun compound) + n (buffer) + in (genitive) tedavi + si (genitive)

which makes it into "kan kanserinin tedavisi"


Thank you, yes that makes sense now. I think I got it


Why not: Kan kanseri için çok tedavi var.


Unfortunately, this is a place where you cannot translate word for word. We use the word "for" in English, but the genitive construction is used in Turkish. As far as I know, için is simply not able to be used here. :/


I am also having a problem here. I think the genitive construction is kanserinin tedavisi. May be I am confused right now, but why is it not only kanserin tedavisi? Could you please break down kanserinin for me again.


Leider hat sich seitdem keiner mehr gemeldet :-/ The only "explanation" that occurs to me is that "kanserinin" is "for your blood cancer". But that's not what the original sentence says, and we know how Duo is a stickler for literal translations :-)


Thank you for your answer. It seems to me that there is not any moderator left to answer questions. Same happens in German-Turkish, English-Turkish. Eight months before I saw a moderator here the last time.


I have the same questions it seems more sense to be like that

Kan kanseri için çok tedavi var


I understood from a previous comment that the possesive construction could not be used with diseases, what am I missing?


I think they meant that a person doesn't own a disease. Here the genitive refers to the treatment.


Why is çok not accepted here?


It should birçok is better but çok is fine too

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