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  5. "Die Frau spielt."

"Die Frau spielt."

Translation:The woman is playing.

December 30, 2012



Is "spielt" pronounced "shpielt"? I could be wrong, but the voice-engine-thing makes it sound like "shpielt"


The engine is right


Does 'spielt' mean play in the same contexts as English - as in play a game, play a sport, play an instrument etc? Or is there just one meaning? (and if so, which 'play' is it?). Thanks.


From my knowledge, it is all play. Ex. Ich spiele Brettspiele (I play board games) You can also use spiele for sports and instruments.


"The woman plays" ?


The women is playing



In English, the singular is spelled "woman" with an A, and "women" with an E is the plural.


Having a real hard time hearing what the dude said at normal speed. "Die Frau" just blended into murmur


Am I missing something? This course appears to introduce new words without any prior explanation. What is the point of that? Why would I know what spielt meant when I have never seen the word before? Surely it would be appropriate to introduce the word and then ask the user a question about it. Its not easy to guess either... How many women do you know who "play" regularly?


Click the new word you can see the definition


Pretty much all the women I know play. But joke aside you are supposed to hover your mouse over the word to see more details.


usually a dotted line under a word will mean, click or hover to see definitions.

also I did notice that i sometomes missed or forgot words from earlier lessons. it has helped to redo or use the strengthen option.

good luck, i hope you returned to keep practicing. this is challenging like a fun game...at least now!

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