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Report if you think you're right!

There are a lot of cases when you're positive you wrote a correct sentence so don't forget to report it to Duolingo. You can do this by simply clicking Report under the translation during your lessons. The team will check it out and let you know if they accepted the suggestion.

Reporting a lot of different versions of a correct translation is important for all users to more easily progress on lessons without loosing hearts! You can be of a big help in making better quality lessons.

Thank you!

October 15, 2013



Yes, I agree. This is important. I routinely report sentences that are flagged as wrong but that I think I've translated well. About 80% of the time my version becomes one of the accepted translations. Duolingo is great. When your version is good they send you a confirming email.


I am always looking forward such emails, happy to contribute. :)


I actually didn't know you could do that. I will start doing this. I guess I was so focused on learning and practicing I didn't think to look for a report button.


I would like to do this but cannot find a report button on the mobile app - where could I find it??


I have only seen it on the Web version, myself. I would hope and expect that they'll get these great Web features into the apps soon. They seem to be a great team.

There are also discussion boards for every sentence on the Web, and these often discuss various translations and mis-translations. I find these to be very helpful.


yes I agree.. it is so important to report. duolingo have accepted of more than ten of my suggestions if everybody does this then it will be so much better for everybody


Yes! My thoughts exactly!


What about simple typos on my part? Sometimes I write "plain" when I mean "plane" also, i misspell bicycle often (just did it then too! In general, I tend to switch things around a bit and can't always help it, and I can't tell you how many time's i've spelled 'ella" as "elle") If I've misspelled the same word several times, I report it as my sentence should be accepted. Is this the correct thing to do? Because, I also have never heard back. And while I really hope this is correct, if I shouldn't do that, I'd like to know so I can stop clogging that report option for other folks. :)


That would, of course, not be a correct answer. :)

But there should be some other option for reporting possible typos in a sentence, because Duolingo can't always figure out if you meant it right and accept it nevertheless. It does a good job recognizing typos in most cases, but not all of them.

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No, you shouldn't report these. An incorrect sentence caused by a typo is just as incorrect as one caused by poor understanding.


Sometimes I report such typos, but instead of "My answer should be accepted" I select "Other" and write "Please make xxx a typo and not a mistake".


Thank you all for your feedback! I will not continue to do that. Also, Thank you Olimo, I will try that! :)


While I understand why that gets frustrating (happens to me A LOT too), I don't know how this would really benefit you... I mean maybe, if you were about to run out of hearts then they could count it as you passing? But otherwise I mean, you'd have to wait for them to accept your report anyhow.


future improvement of the program :)


I actually used to Snap Shot all the weird translations on my iPhone


"losing hearts" not "loosing hearts"

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