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"Ŝi promenis kvin kilometrojn."

Translation:She walked five kilometers.

July 16, 2015



Oh, the lingots? You're welcome :D Metric system for the win!


Omg, I just realized i got 20 lingots for that! Awesome!


soooo, we have iri, marsxi, pasxi and now promeni that all mean "to walk"? what is the difference between promeni and the other three?


You use promeni when the walk is for pleasure or health (por plezuro aŭ sano).

So, I would use promeni for walking around in a park, but not for walking to the store.


That is correct. There are more direct translations of the notion in other languages, such as "se promener" in French or "dar un paseo" in Spanish. In the absence of a single word or expression having the same exact meaning in English, the translation in English is more difficult.


Duo accepted "stroll". Maybe 'promenas' is more of a leisurely walk, or a pretentious or celebratory walk like a promenade?


Why is it kilometrojn that's not a subject???


I believe you mean "object" as the accusative doesnt represent a "subject".

For measures like prices, distances and such it is common to use the accusative case.

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"La kuracisto diris al nia avino ke ŝi promenu kvin kilometrojn ĉiutage. Nun ni havas nenian ideon kie ŝi estas. "

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