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Skill points by level


Is it possible to know the number of skill points to complete each level ?

Regards, Armagnak

October 15, 2013



Level 1: 40 points

Level 2: 60 points

Level 3: 80 points

Level 4: 120 points

Level 5: 150 points

Level 6: 300 points

Level 7: 375 points

Based on my recent experience with Spanish. I am not 100% sure about Levels 1-3.

Level 21: 2000 points

Level 22: 3500 points

All these are points within each level. To get the total number of points, you have to sum them up.


I mean the number of skill points to complete every level (and not just current level).


For your next few levels:

Level 10--2250 (i.e., earn +600 over previous level); Level 11--3000 (+750); Level 12--3900 (+900); Level 13--4900 (+1000); Level 14--6000 (+1500); Level 15--7500 (+1500); Level 16--9000 (+1500).

This part is approximate based on checking member progress:

Level 17--10500; Level 18--12000; Level 19--13500; Level 20--15000; Level 21--17000; Level 22--19000; Level 23--22500?; Level 24--26000?

Up to

Level 25--30000


I'm at 6k. 30k points for level 25! Geez, I figure that is at a minimum of 600,000 correct responses without losing a heart. My math could be fuzzy. DL makes me fuzzy headed sometimes.


You also get points from immersion and you can get plenty when you lvl up.


No joke! I recently reached tier 4 in Immersion and I earn a crazy amount of points for some of the longer, more complex sentences. Of course, I spend a significant amount of time researching the words, conjugation, idioms, etc. too so I think it's worth all those points, and a lot more interesting and challenging than Practicing Skills over and over (which I also do from time to time just to remind myself of how things should work).


I have a 595 px and i'm still stand on level 3. I don't understand how i go to the next lesson. Only the same 33 words. Can i start the level test once?


grzegorzol, I can't reply directly to you because of the forum's limit on how deep replies can go, but you're confusing Immersion tiers with language learning level. You gain Immersion tiers by translating and having your translations voted "looks good". XP are the points you earn from doing the lessons and finishing without losing all of your hearts, and as your XP increase, your language level (the number beside your language flag) increases. If you are on level 3 in Immersion the way to get ahead is to keep translating, do a good job, and wait until your sentences are up voted. To get more than 33 words, keep doing lessons and as you complete each lesson (finish it without losing all your hearts) the next lesson will be unlocked and you will get to learn more words.

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