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"The cat is coming from the kitchen."

Translation:Kedi mutfaktan geliyor.

July 16, 2015


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As it is THE cat, a specific cat...why is this wrong? Mutfaktan kediyi geliyor


kedi is the subject here, cases, like accusative, is for the objects of the sentences


So I am confused. I placed kedi after mutkaftan, so in this case- the cat, is the subject I get that , but the previous sentence was "a cake is coming from the kitchen" the correct answer was Mutfaktan bir pasta geliyor. Is it because it's not a specific cake, but A Cake? if this was "a cat is coming from the kitchen" would I be able to place bir kedi, after mutfaktan?


Does the tan mean from here at the end of mutfakTAN .

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