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"Tu as un chargeur mais tu n'as pas un adaptateur."

December 30, 2012



When you negate avoir, i thought you had to change the article to de? Tu n'as pas DE adaptateur? how come it's telling me that un adaptateur is correct?


You're right, it should be "tu n'as pas d'adaptateur" (note that "de" changes to "d' " in front of a vowel)


Both are acceptable. It's a question of whether one considers "un adapteur" to be a definite or indefinite article. In this case, a definite article is more likely; the speaker is referring to the specific adapter that goes with the charger, not adapters in general.


I do not agree with you. Here the question of definite or indefinite article is not an issue, since the French sentence uses indefinite articles for both nouns (chargeur - adaptateur). The issue is with the use of "pas un" becoming "de/d' ".

In French, you will say "il n'a pas un adaptateur" means "not even one adapter", suggesting that he were supposed to have plenty and has none.


Sitesurf, it seems to me that you're right. After a further refresh of high school grammar I agree with your point of how the sentence uses indefinite articles. Interestingly, google translates the sentence as above, though if you enter "Je n'ai pas d'adaptateur" it translates as I don't have an adapter.


So tu n'as pas un adaptateur means you have a charger but you have no adapter?


"Adaptor" is an acceptable spelling.

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