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"The turtle walks and the dog runs."

Translation:Kaplumbağa yürür ve köpek koşar.

July 17, 2015



And then there were 14 irregular verbs.


Neither of these verbs is irregular in aorist.
yürümek > yürü + r
koşmak > koş + ar


Why is Kaplumbağa in the nominative case but with definite article?


Subjects can be ether specific or general. it is only when they are direct objects that you will begin to see a difference. Subjects will never be in the accusative case.


I always get this wrong. I am losing motivation..... do you maybe have an easy idea - how I can tell what is direct object and what is subject. I really don't want to take a grammar course, but I would really like to get it right


It is no different in Turkish from what it is in English or German or Spanish.
Who/what is performing the action? = subject [turtle in one clause, dog in the other clause]
Who/what is impacted by/receiving the action? = direct object [none in this sentence, since these are both intransitive verbs]

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