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"An orange from the hotel to every thousandth family!"

Translation:Otelden her bininci aileye bir portakal!

July 17, 2015



How flexible can you be with the word order in this sentence? Could I say:

"Bir Portakal otelden her bininci aileye!" That's more of a literal translation... but word order is tricky for me.


Let's try and break this down.

In Turkish something to keep in mind when thinking about the word order is that the verb always goes to the end of the sentence. What may make this particular sentence tricky is that the verb is implicit, the sentence actually means "(There is or there will be) an orange from the hotel to every thousandth family."

So the "there is an orange" goes to the end of the sentence. And since it is a third person impersonal construction, we don't have any suffix on portakal signifying the verb. Therein lies the second deceptive part. So no, "Bir portakal" cannot start the sentence. Thus the sentence ultimately goes :

"Otelden (from the hotel) her bininci aileye (to every thousandth family) bir portakal (an orange)."

Hope that clears it up; it's how I interpret word order in Turkish. :P


kinda like there was a "var" but we omitted it, right ?


Does that mean that bir portakal is the object in this sentence? So the subject in this sentence is missing and the object comes before the verb (which is also missing)?


I just didn't like this one. It's not tricky. It's completely wrong


Agreed, sentences with confusing meaning do not contribute to learning. At this levels we have enough vocabulary for better examples: a cake for the thousandth guest in the hotel, for example.


Could we use 'aile için' instead of aileye?


In my opinion "aileye" and "aile için" is the same, but Duolingo didn't accept that. I think it is an forgotten alternative and reported it.


What is this referring to? Or rather, what does this mean? :)


A hotel is having a special campaign. For every 1000th family that stays at the hotel, they will give an orange to that family (I admit, it is kind of a weird sentence...) :)


It is more than weird I guess 'Zorlama bir cümle'


I think it could have sounded better if 'her' came after 'bininci'.


Abusive behavior


Last time i solve in different ways and accepted but now you have rejected the same message. Are you kidding?


"Her bininci aileye otelden bir portakal." kabul edilmiyor.


look above Chinmayhej explained it very clear

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