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"Benim teyzem bu gece balık yiyecek."

Translation:My aunt will eat fish tonight.

July 17, 2015



would "my aunt will eat fish this night" be correct?


Why not "balığı"? I would use "balığı" because it is the direct object. :-(


You use the accusative case in Turkish for specific direct objects (and in a few other instances). If you are talking about a specific fish, you use the accusative. Otherwise, it stays in the nominative case. :)


Making difference between specific and non specific direct objects (accusative) has been accompanying me now for a while in this course.

As Alex now says if it's not a specific thing it stays in the nominative case. Now I am asking me if in Turkish you feel such an accusative in the form of a nominative case really being a nominative case.

Or do native Turkish speakers feel those nominatives as a matter of fact being accusative cases?

I find this very interesting but in same amount confusing (as those nominative cases keep being objectives).

Please tell me what you think about this question! Appreciate your reply! :-)


Root of yemek is ye, so to form future we add yecek --> yeyecek, why yiyecek?

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