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  5. "El pato bebe el agua."

"El pato bebe el agua."

Translation:The duck drinks the water.

December 30, 2012



Another comment to everyone. This phrase is NOT Spanish. We would say "El pato bebe agua", without article.


Unless you want to say for example: "Hay agua en un plato y hay leche en un vaso. El pato bebe el agua." when you mean the duck drinks that water on the plate specifically.


that's what i put, too


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Note to others: "The only reason that 'el agua' is correct and not 'la agua' is because in the second, there are two stressed 'a' sounds side by side. Hence 'el.'

This happens in all words, masculine or feminine, that begin with a stressed a, such as 'el águila,' meaning 'the eagle,' which coincidentally is a feminine noun as well."

Source: http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090624131035AAmyuah


(I am not complaining about duo.). When I am doing the exercises as fast as i can. I just hate this one question, because I'm keep typing "El pato bebe agua." and the answer they want is "El pato bebe el agua.." I don't even here the "el" until I click the listen to slower speech button. at least it is training my ear to listen. :-)


Why would el but used in this sentence instead in others that talk about drinking water?


this is not something you hear in Ecuador or Canada.


The reason I typed "la agua" is because I translated just as it was dictated. I thought if I changed it to "el aqua it would be marked wrong. so it's ok to correct?


"La agua" is INcorrect, because "agua" is a masculin word. So it would be correct if you had put "el agua" instead. La = for feminin words. El = for masculin words.


I put el pato bebe el ague and it still said I got it wrong


Because it's "agua" and not "ague"; that's why you got it wrong.


Porque drinks y no drink


Porque 'drinks' se usa para: él, ella o eso (3as personas del singular). Y "pato" es 3a persona del singular, por eso se usa el verbo 'drink' añadiéndole una 's', "drinks".


Por un simple error ortografico de " o" ," u", no debio' calificar como " mala".


I dont think that not putting the article should make it completely wrong...


In the English translation, the definite article "the" in front of water is redundant.


She's pronouncing "El" as if "El" is "La"!


correct me if im wrong but why is it beben in "los patos beben agua" and bebe in "el pato bebe el agua" ?

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