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Too many Languages on Duolingo!

My mind will bust!

There is too much to learn!

Reduce the amount of free language learning! I just can't take it!

July 17, 2015



I loved your ironic comment. It made me chuckle.

We are so lucky to have this free resource, that and amusing comments like yours makes this place is a joy.

Good luck with all your languages.


And this explains why Duolingo has over 70 million learners. ;)


No! It is free! They make me learn too much! Stop this madness!


People who love free things free are ALWAYS the best people. ;)


What are we going to do when they bring out more?!


We are going to learn them.


lol this is hilarious. Also I looked at how many languages you're learning. LOL. Sent you a lingot as well! GL


Now let's see someone finish every tree and keep them all gold, now that would be skill.


Bookrabbit has completed 22 trees and Duonks has completed 28 trees.


None of mine are gold any more though, I do have a life outside duolingo you know :-p


Life outside Duolingo? What does it mean? O_o Must. Learn. Every. Language. Must.


Says the person with an 1861 streak.


You don't need to learn all of them. You can learn as many languages you want, but if you think you're learning too many, you should consider deleting some.


Irony circuits shorted.


Do Darleks have irony circuits? Sounds a bit close to emotion to me.


You are right. Irony circuits would be too close to emotion. That's a brilliant observation.

However, as this particular Dalek was only trying to be helpful by giving useful advice it seems a shame that he has been down-voted. Can any passing humans rectify the situation?

If we are learning languages alongside Daleks it might be wise to keep them happy.


Indeed, one should never irritate a Darlek - it might be the last decision one makes.

Seriously though, I meant no offence to MrDarlek, and here's a lingot to prove it.


For your contribution that many emotion-perceiving races would describe as "kind," the upcoming Dalek invasion will be postponed by 1 rel.


Why thank you MrDarlek. Any chance you could tell me how many rels are left in total in your countdown? You see I need to know how fast my excavation of the Bay area of Cardiff needs to be. Nothing for you to worry about, just some old tech that got left there. Oh, and I need to find out where Banaman Road is to . . . and maybe a phone number. Just a phone number. Nothing dangerous you see . . .


It is great to see MrDalek's post has been upvoted back into positive figures. Thank you one and all.

And here are a few lingots for you Atanaa for your wonderful warm sense of humour and kindness.


Negative. All systems are operational.


You are not forced to take them. It just needs a little self control, choose the language that you are most motivated by and concentrate on that one.


I tried... Not very hard, but I tried! :-p


xD, one language is never enough. Let's have 20+ more!


Too many? I'd say there's not enough!


There are a total of about 29 languages I want to learn total and that is probaby minus a few dialects withing the same language for instance Aramaic, (I want to learn Assyrian from Maaloula, Syriac Aramaic and Galilaic or Galilean Aramaic) For Japanese, I also want to learn Kyoto-be (spoken only in Kyoto) and Ainu dialect. Hindi and Punjabi. Icelandic and Old Norse, Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar ( from Kazan and Tatarstan) not Crimean. Sicilian (Palermo, Syracuse, Calebrese dialects) I'm taking Sicilian on Memrise now. So, these are the "off branches of some of the languages I want to learn but then there are the others and they range from Ancient Egyptain and Ancinet Babylonian (Akkadian) to conlangs "High Valyrian, Sindarin Elvish, and Ancient Language of Elves Inheritance Cycle" from Paolini's movie "Eragon". So, go for what languages "inspire" you. You never know if you really want them til you try. :) I plan on getting into all of them I have on my list some more fluent while others the basics or little more. If your not setting your dreams high enough, what's the point in having a dream at all? Good luck Everyone on all your language learning journey!

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