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  5. "My cat is usually at home."

"My cat is usually at home."

Translation:Katten min er vanligvis hjemme.

July 17, 2015



is there a difference in usage between er vanligvis and pleier å vaære?


I believe they can be used interchangeable most of the time.


"Vanlig" means normal, so I guess it could be translated to "normally", while the other, "pleier", would be more like usually. I typed "som regel", which seems to be wrong, though it sounded right to me (I'm Norwegian, just running through this stuff). As far as I can think, they can be used interchangeably, yes.


This is a bit off topic, but when should Hjem be used instead of Hjemme?


Et hjem = a home Hjemme = at home

"Hjem" alone can refer to just "home", such as "Dette er mitt hjem" ("This is my home.") "Jeg kommer hjem." ("I'm coming home."), and it can also be used a bit differently such as "Jeg vil hjem." ("I want (to go) home.").

"Hjemme" is usually when referring to the location, as in "Jeg er hjemme." ("I am home.") "Jeg er snart hjemme." ("I am soon home.")

At the moment, "jeg er hjemme i leiligheten min" ("I am home in my apartment."

I guess this might be something that'll come along as time goes by, even I had to think, as it kinda falls naturally for me. I'm also no language expert, though I did me best, and if there's anything else, feel free to ask~


When I was first introduced to hjem vs. hjemme, my very silly way to remember the difference was this: Me + home = me + hjem = hjemME Just home (no me) = hjem.


They are controlled by the verb type. If the verb is stative (er hjemme, er inne), the 'e' stays. If the verb is dynamic (kommer hjem, går inn), there is no 'e'.

I always imagine a word chilling on top of the car roof with 'e' loosely attached to it. When the car is in motion, the 'e' falls off. But when the car is not moving, it stays with the word. :)


Could I say "Katten min er som oftest hjemme" instead?


Yes, you could.


I wrote pleier and it came out wrong


Variations with "pleier å være" are accepted, but if you used just "pleier" on its own or "er pleier" that would be incorrect.

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