"Pink clothes, pink shirt, pink footwear, pink shorts."

Translation:Рожевий одяг, рожева сорочка, рожеве взуття, рожеві шорти.

July 17, 2015

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I thought брузка was blouse, not shirt. Does it mean "woman's shirt"?


Yes, блузка is blouse, it's only for women. We also say "woman's shirt" - жіноча сорочка. The differences just as that between blouse and woman's shirt: blouses tend to be more "feminine" in style. But if you were to google for images, you'd see that it's definitely not a strict rule


Thank you. So, I think there was a problem with the question: I didn't include рожева блузка, only рожева сорочка, in my answer translation of "pink shirt," and it was marked wrong.

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