R in Norwegian.

I just watched a video about Norwegian R and the video shows that Norwegian has two R which are Rulle R and Skarre R. Since Norwegian has lots of dialects, I want to know is there other ways Norwegian pronounce their R? I usually hear tap r or roll r. I also want to know is it okay to not roll the R when speak in Norwegian also is there any dialects that actually not roll their r?

July 17, 2015


I was wondering about the R roll as well.... I have a great deal of trouble rolling my R's, so I'm a tad concerned for my progression through the Norwegian course.... Are there any native Norwegians that have trouble rolling their R's? Or would I stick out like a sore thumb?

Norwegians who use the skarre-R often don't know how to pronounce the rulle-R. Some people (not many) can't pronounce R and use a J sound instead, but that sounds silly; it's way better to go for the English R, and try to eventually learn to rulle as you go. I wouldn't recommend using the skarre-R, as it often comes with some distinct dialect as well, and therefore is harder to master correctly.

We're kind of used to foreigners (especially Americans) not being able to pronounce the R's correctly, so most people probably won't even think about it unless the rest of your language is completely fluent. They will hear that you're not Norwegian because of it, but it'n not really a problem apart from that.

Thank you for the suggestion! I wouldn't think to try a J sound in place of the rolled R, that would definitely sound odd. I will continue to use the English R and do my best to try to learn how to make the correct sound in time.

It seems that half of my relatives have an inability to roll their R's as well. Ironically, that part of my family is of Norwegian descent... Two sets of my great-great Grandparents immigrated to America from Norway.

Glad that my pronunciation issues wouldn't be perceived negatively though. I had wondered if it would be difficult for Norwegian speakers to understand me, and if my pronunciation would come across as grating.

My Norwegian SO claims that many people will just find your accent endearing, since it "shows that you put effort into actually learning the language".

Thank you!!! Definitely glad it would come off as endearing rather than nails on a chalkboard!

So, is the skarre-r like the German r-sound? Like in words like "Brot" or "Ratte".

Pretty similar from what I've heard actually.

I've been (hopefully not mis-)hearing some Norwegians replace the Rs with a G sound, as in 'foran' and 'moro'. Does anyone know what dialect(s) this is typical of?

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