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"Does he understand what I am saying?"

Translation:Forstår han hva jeg sier?

July 17, 2015



How about putting a "som" in there?

"Forstar han det som jeg sier?" - is that still correct?

I am really not sure, that's why I did not report it. It seems correct to me.


It is technically correct, but it's easier just to use 'hva' in the stead of 'det som'. It's like changing the English sentence to "Does he understand that which I am saying" - correct but unnecessary.



It's correct, but it would be uncommon. You would just drop the 'som'.


How do I decide whether I should use hva or det?


FWIW, det was accepted for me. I don't know whether hva sounds better or not. I think I'm getting a pretty good handle on figuring out when to use hva and when to use det, and I think this may be one of those sentences where either hva or det is acceptable ... but I still don't know if they're equally acceptable, or if one sounds slightly better than the other. Such sentences make figuring out exactly what the rules are all that much more confusing for us Norsk learners. :-)

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