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  5. "De hond zit voor het boek."

"De hond zit voor het boek."

Translation:The dog sits in front of the book.

July 17, 2015


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Now there's the big question: leest de hond de boek of niet?


Im so confused, i dont remember learning this. 'Voor het' together means in front of? If the dog sat for something (like food) would it still be 'voor het/de'?


Yeah... Me neither! Not even the numbers and im getting these questions. So weird.


Ik krijgt "Hij staat in de voorkant van de bomen" voor " I am standing in front of the trees" van Google Translate. Please explain how this came into being. Thanks!


Hmm, the translation of Google Translate is very off. It should be 'Ik sta voor de bomen' ('I am standing in front of the trees').

'The front' would be 'de voorkant', so maybe that's why it translates into that, but for the other words, I have no clue. Only that this proves that Google Translate is not correct all the time.. ;)


So it seems "in de voorkant van" stands for "in front of"! I'd rather go with "sta voor" :D Thanks a lot!


No, 'in de voorkant' is actually not correct Dutch at all, and it means 'in the front side'. 'At the front (side)', would be 'aan de voorkant', which is correct Dutch. ;)


Okay so now I think maybe Google misunderstood it as "treeline" instead of "trees" and therefore, saying "in de voorkant". . . Ahh, forget it. Silly me! Sorry for your trouble.


No problem, no trouble at all! :)
Maybe Google misunderstood it, indeed.


On a sidenote, it is "ik krijg" instead of "ik krijgt" ;)


I don't know how I did that .... Het spijt me :)

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