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Norwegian letters Æ, Ø, and Å

I cant get the norwegian Æ, Ø, and Å on my smartphone...... am i doing some thing wrong ? they work fine on my notebook

July 17, 2015



I don't know what kind of smart phone you have, but on my iPhone, I just hold down the letter for a few seconds, and it gives me the options. For Æ and Å I hold down the "A" key, and after a few seconds, a whole bunch of options from many languages pop up and I can scroll over to the letter I want. Hope this helps!


Also, install the Norwegian keyboard. It wil automatically switch between the Norwegian and English keyboards in be app, and you don't have to hold down letters for accents!


Thanks, ..... very helpful ,


That's how it works on Androids, too. Hold down the "unaccented" letter and a whole list of "accented" options pop up.


You can also install ai.Type keyboard plus and add the Norwegian keyboard to it. That way you can change languages by just swiping on the spacebar. Switching from English to Norwegian layout takes me about a second. I only have English, Dutch and Norwegian installed though, if you go completely bonkers and decide to add a shitload of languages you'll probably swipe a bit longer lol

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