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I can't be finished!!

I finished my Irish tree yesterday. Instead of being happy it felt kind of sad. I appreciate all the work that went into the program and I learned a lot. But I have SO much more to learn. What comes next?

July 17, 2015



I finished my tree a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still going back over it, because I'm till making mistakes (and I want to get to a 3 digit streak :-)


Maybe you could try doing a reverse tree?


And what is that?


Irish doesn't appear to have a reverse tree. But say that you were learning German as a native English speaker. (English—>German). The reverse tree would be to learn English from German (German—>English). You can do this from your profile: click on 'Add a language' then click on 'all languages' and the entire list of combinations of languages will be shown. The point of doing the reverse tree is that it will give you more practice, and a chance to write German sentences that you have translated from English.


For better or worse, there aren't any Irish speakers using DuoLingo to learn how to speak English, so there isn't likely to be a reverse tree anytime soon.


Thanks. That's quite interesting.


What would you like to do next?


I would like to learn enough Irish to at least be able to read books. Right now I am stuck on a book that was written for 8 to 11 year olds. I can get through about 2/3rds of it before I get to a sentence that just goes over my head.


Then it seems like you’re already doing what comes next — you’ve started an activity that will take you closer to your goal of reading Irish books. If you find a particular sentence in your current book confusing, perhaps people here would be able to help shed light on it.


Why don't you post that sentence here, and let people try to figure it out. (I'm kind of at that stage with German - what I do is bash ahead anyway to get the drift of the book!)

sorry - I've just noticed that this was an old post!

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