I learned about Duolingo as an app on my phone and just started using the web site. I had no idea there were lingots or immersion. I went to immersion - and I do not see how to use it. What is it? Looks like children's stories that are translated extremely literally but not interpreted very well into English. Am I supposed to do something with them? (studying Spanish)

October 15, 2013


Hi 24fc- We don't have the immersion view or lingots on the apps quite yet. The immersion view is where you can translate real world articles from around the web with other community members.

You use the immersion view by rolling over an article, and bubble will appear over it( Click on the name. Then, you will be taken to the article's page(, and then you can click on a sentence( that you want to translate, and enter your translation in the box( You will get some skill points for translating these sentences, and how many depends on how long the sentence is. Once this is done, the little bar at the top will start filling up(, and once you are done, you will get a screen that says "Pretty Sweet! You finished the article!"( Hope this helps! ßěņŢhƹĜėēk

Sorry if that's a little long...

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