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  5. "Si tú pagas, yo consumo."

"Si pagas, yo consumo."

Translation:If you pay, I consume.

December 30, 2012



This is obviously a reference to prostitution.


"If you pay, I'll consume."

I'm a native English speaker and I have NO IDEA what this phrase means.


in general, consuming is a fancy word for eating in economics, it's roughly the same as buying but that doesn't apply here, here it means: if you pay, i'll eat sincerely a non-native English speaker :p


Gracias, languagepotato


I think it is specifically used in a place like a restaurant/pub/cafe, in which case it is like "I'll order something (to eat/drink it)"


In Spanish is an convoluted sentence to say :"Invite me what I am going to drink or eat"


It's even worse that. It's "If you pay, I consume".


Does consume = eat here? In that case, shouldn't "If you pay, I eat" also be a valid translation?


As several people said, in English, "consume" is a general word. We consume food, drink, air, cigarettes, drugs, breath mints, paper towels, cleaning products, news, entertainment, etc. So this person could be consuming almost anything. In this sentence, translating "consume" as "eat" makes the most sense to me, but I can't say why.

In Spanish, "consume" may have a specific meaning, but if so, it wasn't in Duolingo's list of suggestions. Would a native Spanish speaker please tell us what you know?


I tend to agree with wikitiki here. I don't know what this is really supposed to be saying in Spanish, but the only translation in English that makes sense is something along the lines of "If you're paying, I'm eating". The exact verbatim translation here just doesn't measure up.


well, it isn't really exactly like eat, it's partially the same it can mean smoke/eat/drink etc., this is what dictionary,reference.com has to say about it: con·sume 1. to destroy or expend by use; use up. 2. to eat or drink up; devour. 3.to destroy, as by decomposition or burning. 4. to spend (money, time, etc.) wastefully. 5.to absorb; engross.


ok, if you pay I consume what? Not a logical sentence. Electric bill, food, ???


This does not make sense.


Got a chuckle out of this sentence ...


Surely the answer here is: if you pay i'll eat (or i eat). In everyday English 'eat' would be used instead of 'consume'


In Chinese, sometimes we say If you pay, I want it




In French 'to consume' means to dring or eat in a restaurant.


I tried the translation as "If you pay, I carry out" -- since carry out was one the definitions of consumer -- that was the only definition that I could see to use to make any English sense of it. Didn't accept it, so, what do others think?


I think it's very close to a phrase we DO use in English: "You buy, I'll fly", which means that if you pay for it, I'll go get the food and bring it back for us.


"If you buy it, I will use it." Always worked well with my parents, sometimes with my friends and almost never with total strangers.


Is this a weird sentence or what?!!! Another thing we would NOT say in English!


I understood the phrase as "If you pay, I consume". It sounded awful to me, so I changed 'consume' to ' buy'. Still think it might be accepted

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