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Georgian lesson: Alphabet

Here's the Georgian alphabet:

ა-A (as in Alpha)

ბ-B (as in Beta)

გ-G (as in Game)

დ-D (as in Doll)

ე-E (as in Elf)

ვ-V (as in Vacuum)

ზ-Z (as in Zebra)

თ-T (as in Team)

ი-I (as in Nick)

კ-K' (Italian or Spanish K, as in Cavallo/Caballo) (Cyrillic: К)

ლ-L (as in Lemon)

მ-M (as in Mouse)

ნ-N (as in Nick)

ო-O (as in Oval)

პ-P' (Italian or Spanish P, as in Pinguino/Pingüino) (Cyrillic: П)

ჟ-Zh (French J) (Cyrillic: Ж)

რ-R (Italian or Spanish R, more sharp, as in Rosso/Rojo)

ს-S (as in Snake)

ტ-T (Italian or Spanish T, more sharp, as in Torta/Tarta) (Cyrillic: Т)

უ-U; OO (as in Moose) (Cyrillic: У)

ფ-P (as in Peacock)

ქ-K, Q (as in Quarter)

ღ-Gh (French and German R, as in Rouge/Rot)

ყ-Kh' (this one is pretty hard. Here's the link to the pronunciation: http://www.forvo.com/word/%E1%83%A7/ )

შ-Sh (as in Sharp) (Cyrillic: Ш)

ჩ-Ch (as in Cheese) (Cyrillic: Ч)

ც-Ts (German Z, as in Zimmer) (Cyrillic: Ц)

ძ-Dz (Italian Z as in Zio)

წ-Ts' (this one is hard too. Here's the pronunciation: http://www.forvo.com/search/%E1%83%AC/ )

ჭ-Tch (now this one is really hard. Here's the link to pronunciation: http://www.forvo.com/search/%E1%83%AD/ )

ხ-Kh (Swiss German Ch, as in Ich) (Cyrillic: Х)

ჯ-J (as in Jar)

ჰ-H (as in House)

This is the Georgian alphabet. Hope you enjoyed :)

The link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

July 17, 2015



It's a really beautiful alphabet - thanks for the good explanations.


you're welcome :)


how does the stress (accentuation) work?


Georgian doesn't really use accentuation :) It's a completely free language. All consonants in words are equally accentuated.


It usually falls on the first vowel.


Oh, these letters look amazing!


You're so great!!


Aww thank you very much! :D


Here is a new topic for Georgian. Vote, vote, vote ^_^ https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10727793


Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

I find it difficult to just go through and memorise the alphabet. Do you know anywhere I could find a lot of Georgian words or place names or something with both the Georgian and transliteration to English so I could go through and compare? That was how I learned Cyrillic. I know there are some in this course, but I'll probably need a lot more to practice because the letters still all look alike to me :-)

By the way, maybe it would be good in each lesson, in addition to having a link to the index, to also add a link to the next lesson.


You're going to learn Georgian too? Yay!


Not really learn it right now, just try a little bit, try to learn the alphabet and a few basic phrases at least. The only language I'm trying to become fluent in is Russian.


This is a good Georgian guidebook :) http://files.peacecorps.gov/multimedia/audio/languagelessons/georgia/GE_Georgian_Language_Lessons.pdf Maybe you can try it, there are words, their pronunciations and translations. :) Also, explanations of grammar rules and some basic phrases.


You're welcome guys :)


That's great, thanks!


გაგრძელება თუ არის დაგეგმილი? )))


არის გაგრძელებაც :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9613191


further more you would have more success explaining the system to people if you grouped the consonants into triads of related voiced, voiceless, and "emphatic" sounds.
the order is: voiceless, emphatic, voiced

pʰ | ფ, pʼ | პ, b | ბ <--------> tʰ | თ, tʼ | ტ, d | დ

kʰ| ქ, kʼ | კ, ɡ | გ <--------> h | ჰ, x | ხ, ɣ | ღ *

t͡sʰ| ც, t͡sʼ| წ, d͡z | ძ <--------> t͡ʃʰ | ჩ, t͡ʃ ʼ| ჭ, d͡ʒ | ჯ

order: voiceless, voiced s | ს, z| ზ <--------> ʃ | შ, ʒ | ჟ

other sounds: m | მ, n | ნ, qʼ | ყ, r | რ, l | ლ

*(not quite the same, but are related sounds)


Oh, thank you very much, that's very useful! :)


მად‧ლო‧ბა :-)


არაფრის :)


Hi, here is a Georgian language course which teaches Georgian alphabet and simple conversational phrases.



do you have any tips for remembering all that


is there no georgian course at duolingo?

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