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  5. "Who drinks milk?"

"Who drinks milk?"

Translation:Cé a ólann bainne?

July 17, 2015



Why the extra 'a' before ólann? Anyone?


It's a marker for the relative clause, and is required after question words (Same a as in Conas atá tú). Literally, the sentence is "Who is it, that drinks mils?" There's an implied copula (is) within the .


Thanks for the explanation. Sorry to be slow to get it, but where is the 'a' in Conas atá tú? ? I think I understand the rest of your explanation.


a tá. They're just written together


Got it now. Tks!


Why is it not cé bhfuil?

[deactivated user]

    For the same reason that it's not cé bainne or cé madra - cé bhfuil just doesn't make any sense in Irish.

    You will encounter the phrase cé go bhfuil, but it has nothing to do with "who?" - in fact, it isn't even used to ask a question, it can usually be translated as "even though".


    Bhfuil is not a particle. Cé invariably needs a particle in most cases at some point in the sentence. (Why? would require a long dissertation. Look up relative clauses). Duo's sentences are somewhat simple so the particle appears early, but it is there at some point in most sentences. "Cé mhéad uair a bhfuil an Corn Domhanda buaite ag an mBrasaíl?" This is a very complex sentence that use the particle down stream a bit. It means, "How many times has Brazil won the World Cup".

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