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  5. "Hindistan'da herkes mutlu."

"Hindistan'da herkes mutlu."

Translation:Everybody is happy in India.

July 17, 2015



I somehow doubt this. There are over a billion people there. Surely at least one is sad. :-/


i am Indian , and yes you are right many people are not happy here ...


Hindistan'da genellikle herkes mutlu.


Hayır bazı mutlusuz insanlar var


Minor people are suffering a lot in India...

One of them


"Hindistan'da herkes mutlu." Translation: Everybody is happy in India.

The British Empire & the Independence of India in 1947 has a lot to do with native Indians of India not being happy. The Indian sub - continent further split into India, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Kashmir. The former colonial masters have a lot to answer for.


Ohh sir u know lot more history than me hehe..


Hello Lily

During the first World War almost two million Indian soldiers fought for Great Britain. They were sent to Turkey, "Gallipoli", the Western Front & the Middle East. They protected the Suez Canal in Egypt.

They were very brave & loyal to the Empire.

You should read history books about India, especially if you are of Indian origin.

Thank you for your kind reply.


Sadly you are right, they fought against Ottomans, the fact I dislike even though I am Indian. Some rejected this proposal and they were shot dead, also British said they will free India after the War, we know they won but they did not freed India.


Why can't we just live together? This forum proves a 100% percent that we love each other and that we respect each others languages and cultures and religions. It is the one percent that controls everything that continously chip at our unity and trues tirelessly to keep us hating. Just watch the news, the mainstream news that is. According to one youtube video projection, all languages will morph into one in about 300 years and all cultures too will be lost. Know what! I dont want to live in such a future, I like it as it is.


Agreed! I like learning all the different languages in the world and learning more about other cultures, religions, and ethnicities. I think a diverse world is better than a world where everything morphs together into one big group of people. Hopefully this type of future doesn't happen during my lifetime!


Is there differentiation between "everybody in India is happy" and "everybody is happy in India"?


they are very similar but still different. The first would be "hindistan'daki herkes çok mutlu" in Turkish


will we learn thin in next lessons ???


Yes, in the "ki" skill.


I guess 'çok' is not necessary in that second version. ;)


please explain why sometime "hint" and sometime "hind" i am native Indian and here we say our country "hindustan" there is not hint as like ...


When foreign words were imported to Turkish, they were sometimes altered to follow Turkish phonology. As a general rule, Turkish words cannot end in a voiced plosive consonant (d, b, c, g). There are exceptions to this, but most words changed the final letter to its unvoiced counter-part (t, p, ç, k).

In "Hindistan", the "d" is fine in Turkish phonetics because it doesn't finish the word. As an adjective, "Hind" breaks Turkish rules/patterns, so it became "Hint", and it stays that way, even when we add a suffix like -li or -çe.

We can see the same thing occurring with "kitap" (which comes from Arabic "kitab"). Even when we add suffixes like -lar, the -p is still a -p, unless it's followed by a vowel and the rules of consonant harmony change it back to a -b- ("kitabım").

I hope I didn't confuse things for anyone, but that's the short(ish) explanation :-)


Çok teşekkür ederim


İt's called the ketchup rule right??


İ am also indian. İ saw one thing that turkish people say turkey (animal) as hindi like Hindi örümceği yer - The Turkey eats the spider.


Muslim Brotherhood in india is not happy


I am an Indian. I would like to say that this sentance is literally wrong.. Minor communities are suffering here under Indian government


You are absolutely right. We are facing the biggest crisis ever.


Bana göre bu bir yalan


India was always a land of love and peace but now it's dirty politics is spreading hate and intolerance between religions. Now we are in the worst condition ever. BTW writing this during covid-19. Hope we all will find peace again InşaAllah.



A like ^ & lingot

I wish I could give my covid-19 vaccine to a child in India?

Thank you.


Thank you so much kardeşim. I wish the whole world could see the reality, even our media is a puppet of the government (there are few exceptions though). Even foreign media is trying to show the truth spacially TRT WORLD. I love my country very much but not my government.


I would say, as an Indian, we are not happy, there is a corrupt regime which can kill us anytime, also India lost it's reputation in recent years from both Inside and outside, you can check this on Internet, I am not writing this to gain sympathy but it made me a little sad, so I wrote it down. Seek for Apology if it makes you sad. India was a great country.


My muslim friend from Ahmedabad paints an especially grim picture of Muslims of India after Modi came to power. The powers that be hope to control south eadt Asia by the divide and rule policy. Gandhi knew better. He knew keeping all Indians happy served India better than serving the agendas of foreign powers.


The great of the earth; Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Gandhi, Mandela,...knew that to have a strong and happy population you need to unite instead of divide. Nationalism builds walls between people...first in their head, then they start acting upon this.


Indian people as a culture are some of the most polite and respectful people I know. More cultures should have that attitude. Without India, this planet would be one big empty rock.


My friend recently visited India with his girlfriend & commented on how dirty it was. Rubbish strewn everywhere on the streets & roads.. My friends in London are Gujurati. They are Hindu. They share their food with me whenever I visit them. You can thank the British colonial masters for the Indian sub-continent problems after years of promising them independence.


İ am a native Indian and yes i agree with u that people always litter outside instead of throwing it in dustbin and this makes the thing dirty that's why our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji started a movement called "swachh bharat abhiyan" (clean India movement). For a few months it went well but after that again the same thing happened. But only tourist places are always clean..



I cancelled a dislike to your comment & gave you a lingot


But people of Kashmir are not happy they wanted to join us (PAKISTAN )

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