"We fail you."

Translation:Nós falhamos com você.

October 15, 2013

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This is an idiomatic phrase. Perhaps such phrases should be introduced so we do not lose time an hearts.


I agree that Duolingo should be better at introducing prases like this.

"Com“ is required here due to the concept called "regência verbal" in Portuguese. Basically, it says that particular verbs take obligatory prepositions depending on the intended meaning of the verb.


Maybe a little warning sign next to the sentence saying "this is an idiomatic phrase and means so and so"? I was just as confused when I saw "Vai dar certo"...


Agree—like "sonhar com," "pensar em," and so forth.


Im confused because "we fail you" and "we fail with you" mean entirely different things in English..


Why "com"? Shouldn't "nós falhamos você" be enough?


No, that wouldn't make sense in Portuguese. When someone "falha", he "falha com" another person. It may mean "with" (they both fail together) or "at" someone, that is what Duo proposed here.


So if I fail a student at an exam I would say "eu falho com você" ?


no, in this case you "reprova" o aluno.


But that is not what it means in english: "We fail you" either means that 'we do not give you a passing grade' or that 'we let you down'. The phrase in english should be then "we fail with you" if what you said is to be considered valid.


You know how some of the words require "de" after them, like 'precisam de'? I think this thing with "com' is like when 'de' is added for what seems like no reason. I've found a few times while learning Portuguese when something just doesn't seem to make sense, if I can manage to just accept that it is what it is, whether it makes sense to me or not, it helps me remember better and sometimes later on, like multiple learning circles later on, I realize something that wasn't making sense is now more clear. That's a big part of why I go back and do practices on golden circles; to see how much more sense things become after a while. I dont like accepting things that don't make sense, so this process learning other languages has been quite the struggle at some points.


I think this should be introduced in a separate section. Like different uses of com etc


Then how would one say, "We fail with you?"


Nos falhamos junto com você


There seems to be some confusion about the meaning of the word idiomatic. The use of com in this sentence is not idiomatic it is simply grammatical. Regência verbal is simply a part of the grammar of Portuguese


Shouldn't '...nós lhe falhamos...' be correct?


no, it does not work.


how about 'nos te falhamos'?


Yes, I have the same question. The answer accepted 'nós te reprovamos'


[Nós] falhamos contigo... :)

Does consigo work for você, or is that just a conjugation of conseguir?


"Consigo" is also right, but not commonly used in this case =)


Is there somewhere in DL to find these verb+preposition combinations? There's nowhere even to look up vocab on the DL app.


Best to search for "regência verbal" on Google


Nós falhamos você is we fail you


"Nós falhamos com te"? Or maybe "Nós falhamos com ti"?

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