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Is there a private message function?

Another Duolinguist and I got into a chat on a foreign songs thread, and our conversation is getting lengthy. We don't want to clutter up the thread. I was wondering if there's a private message function available? I've looked around already and couldn't find anything, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. :)

October 15, 2013



No, but they should add one :)


Not right now. We're thinking about it.


It would be great to help us practice conversational use of our language!


Just my opinion - I say it's a must! Being able to interact personally with other users without cluttering the public forums with off-topic chatter (and without the terrible character limit and formatting problems of stream-posting that I've just discovered!) would be an excellent way to enhance the community aspect of the site and would make it all the more enjoyable to use. Whether it's for off-topic chatter, or for one-to-one talk regarding issues with a language, or talk in a language for practise - it can only help the userbase!


I have the same opinion. Plus you sometimes want to share data with one person (e.g. your skype account name) but not with the whole world.


I had this same issue hours earlier. I had to post my email address in a thread with 10-15 other posters who would all be notified of a new post!

Edit: I realise I could've just posted it on the user stream, but the point still holds some validity I feel :P


Not to mention that it would still show up in the streams of anyone who follows you. I think.


I hope that we can filter our stream based on usernames. Its hard to see what the particular user says and I just hope this function will be implemented.


I think this would be an extremely good idea because I have family members on Duolingo that I like to communicate with, but I don't want our personal conversations to be open to the public on my profile page. Our conversations tend to be WAY off-topic and random, so it would simply be clutter where ever we talk.


Why don't you just post on eachother's streams?


It's not private, it has no formatting functionality (not even so much as a line break from what I can tell), the initial post has a small character limit, and any sizeable post is very much a chore to read due to being so compressed and unformatted.


So what if they work on formatting the stream inputs and add a function that allows posts on the stream to be kept private between poster and postee?


Then they've essentially added private messaging. :P I think there are better solutions though, given the present format of the stream page. It would be best if messaging had it's own page akin to a forum thread for readability.

The stream page is half-consumed by the side bar with the information on points, words, and language level; I see this as being a large source of the issue with the stream page. I don't mind which solution is used, as long as both privacy between users and good usability/readability can be attained.


This whole discussion is a year old. Where do things stand today? Is there any hope of getting a private message function? The reasons for it have already been expressed here.


I'm in a similar position to OP; I'm in a conversation that has started to drift off-topic and there's no good way to continue it without announcing my email address to the entire world. I don't even need for there to be private messaging, necessarily, but it would be nice for us to be able to continue our conversation in a more appropriate setting.

Even a feature like a button you could press to "allow this user to see my email address" would be so helpful. Then I could say, "We're starting to get off-topic here, so I've shared my email address with you in my profile. Feel free to email me if you'd like to continue this conversation privately."

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