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"Noord-Brabant ligt in het zuiden van Nederland."

Translation:Noord-Brabant is in the southern part of the Netherlands.

July 17, 2015



"En dan denk ik aan Brabant, want daar brandt nog licht..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myPDjxPeAms (This is an unofficial anthem of the province of North Brabant)

The funny thing is that there's actually no Zuid-Brabant (South Brabant) in the Netherlands. That's why most people just call it 'Brabant'. Kind of confusing, because 'Brabant' is also the name of a province in Belgium.


How would you say south of? Like Belgium is south of the Netherlands


'Ten zuiden van'. So: 'België ligt ten zuiden van Nederland'.


I'd agree with the English translation if the the Dutch sentence would have been something like "Noord Brabant ligt in het zuiden gedeelte van Nederland".


In het zuiderlijke gedeelte and you're correct


why not "north brabant is in the southern netherlands?" I typed that and got it wrong


I would say "in southern Netherlands" (also not accepted).


Why is noord not translated to North?


"North Brabant lies in the south of Holland." This answer would be acceptable to British English speakers


Hi KateHoyle,

I'm afaird I'll have to disagree with you, since Holland is an area that refers to just two provinces of the Netherlands. It'd be like using England as a replacement for 'the UK', the UK is not just England...

For more info, you can read the entry 'Holland' in the OED (there's a short note explaining what I just mentioned) or this Wikipedia entry https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holland

Hope this helps.

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