"Vi fattet en god beslutning."

Translation:We made a good decision.

July 17, 2015

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Does anyone know the Infinitive of this verb? I can't seem to find it anywhere, and my guesses don't seem to be any good. Many thank-yous!


Would it be possible to use the verb take? "Vi tok en god beslutning"?


Yes, it's possible to use the verb "å ta" as well.


Tusen takk!!


Bare hyggelig!


I can't remember precisely but I think this is the first time I see the verb å fatte - However, maybe I am wrong ! The plot is - - - Can it be translated into different verbs, or it means strictly Make ?


It can be translated into so many different verbs, you're going to regret you ever asked. ;)

  • "Å fatte" has a cognate: "to fathom", and can by extension translate to "to get".
  • "Å fatte" can mean "to catch fire", but "å ta fyr" would be a safer translation.
  • "Å fatte" can mean "to grip" or "to clutch", but "å gripe" would usually be preferred.
  • "Å fatte en beslutning" means "to make a decision", as above.
  • "Å fatte et vedtak" means to make a resolution (in some sort of official capacity).
  • "Å fatte interesse for" means to become interested in.
  • "Å fatte håp" means to find hope, but does not take an object à la "to find hope in X".
  • "Å fatte mot" means to find courage.
  • "Å fatte mistanke" means to become suspicious.
  • "Å fatte seg" means to get one's act together, as in calm down.
  • "Å fatte seg i korthet" means to express oneself in a short and concise manner (often in speeches, introductions, etc).


Wow, it's very impressive that a verb can mean so many things! Sure, it'll take me a long time to assimilate each one of them.

Thank you a lot for having taken your time to explain me ^^


Bare hyggelig!

You can get far without using most of them, but it's good goal to be able to at least recognise them. :)


impressive that a verb can mean so many things

Try the English verb run--no fewer than 645 meanings, according to an OED lexicographer.


Thanks for the list - now I will memorise it as the norsk form of tysk "fassen". Seems logical if you know it, but my first association was "faire/fare (with perfect form fatto)" in romance languages because it is translated as "make" here.


Why not we took a good decision? (I've reported it previously)


That doesn't sound natural.

edit: Google says it's pretty common. I'll add it in. It must be a dialectical thing...


I would normally use it with a definite article though. We took the decision to do something. Never heard it used with the indefinite a... This course is teaching me as much English as Norwegian!


I'm guessing in Norwegian, you don't 'make' a decision and therefore wouldn't use 'gjørde'?

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