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"Min syster läser mycket böcker."

Translation:My sister reads a lot of books.

July 18, 2015



As far as I know you use "mycket" if you cannot count the amount ("mycket salt", "mycket bra"). Why is it here not "många böcker" if you refer to the amount of books?

I understand the meaning of the sentence more like "My sister reads much in books".


I can't tell you why it's "mycket" (it's a sentence you'll hear thrown around, but it's colloquial and I don't believe completely grammatical), but I can tell you it doesn't translate to your sentence. That would be "Min syster läser mycket i böcker."


I may be wrong, but my understanding is that "mycket" here is rather an adverb refferring to "läser" than an attribute of "böcker", thus the only possible translation is "My sister reads books a lot".


I thought so too. But "mycket" is also an adjective, so maybe this sentence is ambiguous.

But Google Translate (which isn't always reliable) gives "Min syster läser böcker mycket" for "My sister reads books a lot".


As you said, Google Translate is not always reliable. Rarely, I'd say. Especially concerning word-order. In this case, it seems to me that it just replicates the English one.


Adverbs always go after the verb in the swedish grammar, if it was an adverb it would be "min syster läser böcker mycket"


böcker is a noun.


Why is "My sister reads lots of books" wrong?


It's probably just missing, or you had a separate error. I'd actually prefer this translation myself, since the example sentence has mycket rather than många.


Could många also be used instead of mycket? Are they approximately synonymous?


Yes, it can - in fact, it's a much better option. It's just that mycket can often be used - especially colloquially - for unspecified amounts as well. I imagine this sentence was created to show that.


When studying other languages, I'm sometimes frustrated they have long phrases for a simple English word, but why doesn't English have a simple word for "a lot of"?


Uhm, we do allow "many". :)


That was a comment on English, not Duolingo.


So was mine. You wanted a short word in English for "a lot of", and there are two: "much" and "many".

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