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  5. "De eenden eten het brood."

"De eenden eten het brood."

Translation:The ducks eat the bread.

July 18, 2015



I had the hearing exercise and it was totally impossible to understand


Yeah I couldn't hear the "het" at all, just "de eenden eten brood"


Same here! Only with the slow version i could hear it


Same. I cannot hear eten in that sentence


The slow version is ok. The normal speed version says,"De eemen eten het brood."


My problem was brood, it said "vord"


Finally, something ducks actually do!


The guy who pronounces this sentence does a terrible job, sound nothing like ducks. I also recognise his voice from other clips and his pronunciation tends to be poor. I played this for my dutch mum and she couldn't make out what he was saying!


Ducks shouldn't eat bread. It gives them painful disease called "Angel wings". Spread awareness!!!


What's the difference between "de" and "het"? Would "de brood" work here too?


Nouns that are "common gender" use "de". Nouns that are neutral gender use "het".

Additionally, all singular diminutives (ending in -je) use "het". All plurals, no exceptions, use "de".


De is used with persons and most animals, singular masculine and femenine nouns and all plural nouns. Most "de" words are masculine
De is used with nouns ending in the suffixes ing, er, heid, in and aar De is used with trees, vegetables, plants and fruits De is used with leters and numbers

Het is used with a singular neuter nouns and diminutives Het is used with names of countries or cities, when is said something specific about them Het is often used with metals, with sports... There are few rules that i got from a book


There's no difference in meaning, some words go with de, some with het. As brood is a het-word, it should always be used with het. But I'm pretty sure they would understand you even if you mess up the articles all the time :)


I think some pronunciations of this guy are impossible to understand.


Please so not actually feed the ducks bread. It's bad for them


Ya i hate this speaker. He says de eenden eet het brood. Dropping the en changes the verb conjugation.


It's a computer voice.


There is an elision. "eeten het" comes out as "eetet". I suppose we'll get used to this.


Unfortunately didn't hear the t and only heard eten haha


It really sounded like "eet het brood" to me


My reponse is not accepted


"My response" is not a good translation of "De eenden eten het brood." A better translation would be "The ducks eat the bread."


Can someone clarify if the -n endings of plural verbs ought to be pronounced? In these new voices, the -n is missing, so it sounds (even in the slow version) like "eet" or "eet-uh" instead of "eten." according to forvo and learndutch.org, the -n is pronounced, not silent.


I live in Flanders and unfortunately a 'n' at the end of a word is almost never pronounced. They will pronounce the 'e' before the 'n' though. So you correctly noticed that it sounds like "eet-eh", the "eh" at the end is the only way you'll know if its plural or an infinitive verb rather than singular. Keep your ear out for it and you'll adjust. I feel your frustration though! :)


I had to write ehat I was earing and there was the option to choose the words in nederlands but the app it said it was not correct because the translation should have been into english


That sounds like a technical glitch. Next time, take a screeshot and file a bug report:

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