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"Speriamo che sia stata l'ultima."

Translation:Let's hope it was the last one.

July 18, 2015



in UK English there is a difference in meaning/intention between 'let's hope' and 'we hope'. How would one express that difference in Italian.


'we hope it was the last one' was rejected, why?


Why can't it be ...that she was the last one?


i was wondering the same thing


I believe statA indicates that the subject of the sentence ("it") is feminine. When the auxiliary verb is essere (sia) the past participle agrees with the gender of the subject. If the subject ("it") were masculine it would be statO.


Because it refers to l'ultima. If it would be "stato", you would change l'ultima to l'ultimo.


Any ideas what "Let's hope that was the last one" is rejected?


don't be confused by 'che' and 'quella'. 'che' in this sentence is a conjunction bringing two phrases together. having said that, your suggestion is not completely unreasonable


You stated the gap was wrong on let's but that was your writing NOT mine


I am confused. The DL translation is first person plural imperative (Let's hope) - but there is no hint as to why it ought not to be indicative. There is no hint as to the object, except the feminine endings of the past participle statA and the ajective ultimA which should mean the object is a feminine noun or pronoun.

What am I missing?


it could be 'we hope it was the last one'.

'it' refers to 'ultima' and the verb is 'essere'. so the past participle must agree with 'ultima'. here is a page to address this. https://www.thoughtco.com/direct-object-pronouns-in-past-tense-2011704 at the bottom of the page.


Thank you. But if the object is "it", why is the default gender not masculine? Stato and ultimo?

I think DL also accepts: We hope that she was the last one.


I can't read duo's mind but I suppose duo wants you to start to recognize object/subject/participle agreement. duo posited a backstory of whatever the 'ultima' was it was feminine. so duo used 'ultima' and that made 'stata' necessary.


why can't it be let's hope it was the last?


What verb is "stata"?


'essere'. it's true that the past participle of stare is 'stato/a/i/e' but so is the past participle of 'essere'. in fact all of the compound tenses of the two verbs are identical. 'essere' is the verb used for identity. 'she is the director', 'it was the last'

here is a verb grammar that conjugates the two verbs and explains the uses with examples. 'essere' is verb 207 and 'stare' is verb 496. http://ge.tt/6fDnguA2/v/0?c

it's a little clunky to navigate but has tons of info.


Should this be "Speriamo che LO sia stata l'ultima" to differentiate between 'she' and 'it'?


'lo' is a direct object clitic and 'essere' is intransitive and doesn't take direct objects. here is a site that has information on pronouns. http://www.uvm.edu/~cmazzoni/3grammatica/grammatica/

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