"Ha piovuto di più lunedì che martedì."

Translation:It rained more on Monday than on Tuesday.

December 30, 2012

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I think that "It rained more Monday than Tuesday" should also be accepted as a valid translation of this sentence.

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    Accepted 4/9/21.


    Thank you! We've adjusted the sentence.


    Would it be possible to also correct the drop down definition for "che"? And can "che" really be used for such disparate things: 'that'', ''what'', ''and'' and ''than''? A lot of work for one little word. ;-)


    "Than" is what's used for comparing two things, "then" is used to express a story/process' next step. "First, I entered the dark hallway. Then, I turned on the light. It was darker here, than in the room with the large windows."


    In another sentence of this skill it was like 'è piovuto'. Questo è sbagliato?


    Ha piovuto is a mistake, I think. 501Italian verbs says to use essere with this verb.


    Piovere is an impersonal verb - never used in io, tu, noi or voi forms. It is only ever in the third person. Such verbs can take either avere or essere as an auxiliary.


    It should be è. Impersonal verbs are used with essere, not with avere

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