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"Ha piovuto di più lunedì che martedì."

Translation:It rained more on Monday than on Tuesday.

December 30, 2012



I think that "It rained more Monday than Tuesday" should also be accepted as a valid translation of this sentence.


I disagree, without saying 'on' Monday it's not a complete sentence


I agree with Nick without at least the first "on" the sentence reads as if Mondays and Tuesdays are the things that are raining... which you could probably use as a metaphor since nobody likes Monday. Think of it as saying, "it rained more cats than dogs. "


Thank you! We've adjusted the sentence.


Would it be possible to also correct the drop down definition for "che"? And can "che" really be used for such disparate things: 'that'', ''what'', ''and'' and ''than''? A lot of work for one little word. ;-)


"Than" is what's used for comparing two things, "then" is used to express a story/process' next step. "First, I entered the dark hallway. Then, I turned on the light. It was darker here, than in the room with the large windows."


In another sentence of this skill it was like 'è piovuto'. Questo è sbagliato?


Ha piovuto is a mistake, I think. 501Italian verbs says to use essere with this verb.

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