Anki deck

Hi, I've created an Anki deck with Esperanto vocabulary. Mostly from the Duolingo course, but you may find some other words.

If you use Anki and want to practice the vocabulary, feel free to make use of my deck. I would be more than happy if I could help someone. I've created it for myself, but why shouldn't I share?

Here are some examples, how the cards look like:

You can download the deck here:

July 18, 2015


I've downloaded, thank you.

Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you a lot!

That's awesome, thanks! I'm personally creating my own Anki deck as I go, since the act of creating my own cards (and thinking about them) helps me to remember. However, I'll probably make use of your deck once I'm done with the tree to introduce a little variety and color into the reviews :)

Dankon por via mirinda laboro!

Dankon! Can you make it so all the cards are considered new? I had about 125 learning/due cards after downloading this.

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