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  5. "We have an elephant."

"We have an elephant."

Translation:Vi har en elefant.

July 18, 2015



There is definitely something I am not aware of about elephants in Norway


lucky, wish I could have an elephant


I get hung up on "har" versus "ha" all the time. Anyone have a tip for differentiating? Takk!


"har" is the present tense of "å ha". "ha" is either part of the infinitive or the imperative of the same verb.

In English you can say "He has the bucket" (Han har bøtten), but you'd say "He can have the bucket." (Han kan ha bøtten), not "He can has the bucket". When you're using modal verbs like 'can' or 'will', the next verb is used in the infinitive tense. Similarly, you'd only use 'ha' in Norwegian if it was preceded by a modal verb.

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