"She thinks of the girls."

Translation:Ela pensa nas meninas.

October 15, 2013

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I could have sworn 'Ela pensa das meninas.' is also correct, could you explain the difference?


as for preposition, it changes from language to language. So, when you have "think of", translate it as "pensar em" and not "pensar de".


Nice to know! I was so focussed on how it's in English that I didn't even think about the fact that it's "think on" in my other native language.


Finally i understand it !! Thanks Paulenrique !! It was great help for me.


Too bad that DuoLingo does not list and teach what words explicitly follow the verb forms like "pensar em" and "gostar de".

Well, for the latter there have been at least some basic sentences/questions about gosto de / gosta de, so I can remember it already when training prepositions do/da/dos/das.
IMHO there have rarely been for pensar or other verbs, up to my current tree/skill level??

Is it not possible to add to the Verbs1 skill all those required declarations?
Memrise DuoLingo Portuguese course by MartinPen also missing all of them :(

And maybe add special grammar / multiple choice tests for drilling verbs with that special follow words?

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    If you google regĂȘncia de "pensar" (or any other verb), you will find the answer.


    I still dont get it.. if its pensar+em, then where does 'nas' come in? Im guessing nas is a combination of two words, but what are they?


    nas = em + as


    NAS is the the Conjugation of EM and AS, there is a list of these Conjugations in the tips section of this lesson


    I don't understand when to use dela/dele Pela/pelo Da/do


    They are all obligatory contractions.

    Dele = de + ele, Dela = de + ela, Pelo = por + o, Pela = por + a,
    Do = de + o, Da = de + a

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      Is "Ela acha das meninas" equally valid? Obrigado


      "achar de" would work only with two clauses. It means "to have an opinion about something/someone". For example, "O que ele acha das meninas?" (what's his opinion about the girls?)


      Can you say: Elas pensa das meninas


      "pensar em" or "pensar sobre" would be used in this case, but not "pensar de".

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