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Líofa! (Irish resources)

I was digging around in my bookmarks, reorganizing my Gaeilge resources, and I realized I hadn't seen a link for Líofa posted here, at least, not recently. The Líofa campaign's aim is to encourage anyone who wants to speak/learn Irish to improve their command of it - be that from a few words to a few more, or from basic school Irish to fluency; however you personally define success. Pledging to join the campaign (that is, improve your own Irish!) is free, and when you do so, you get access to some amazing resources, including where classes can be found, if you're lucky enough to live either in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. For those of us elsewhere, there's free online access to the Líofa beginner's level course, as well as podcasts, newsletters, and general "where to go online" information.

For those not opposed to Ulster Irish, they also have the full set of Now You're Talking tapes converted to mp3, as well as PDF scans of the entire workbook that goes with it, all available for free as well. I was particularly pleased to see this available, as the Now You're Talking series was what finally helped me break through a decade of beating my head on the wall trying to learn Irish in the pre-internet days... it remains the most well put together Irish language learning audio series for beginners, in my mind. If you started your Irish language learning with Duolingo, you may find the Ulster dialect a little confusing to start, but I mention it in case it helps someone out there (particularly vis-a-vis general pronunciation since that's a bit thin on the ground through Duo).

Check out Líofa here: https://www.liofa.eu/learning-irish/resources

July 18, 2015



This is great, thanks! I'm especially happy to have access to the whole Now You're Talking - I watched the videos on YouTube, but I am sure it will be more helpful with the workbooks, and the last few episodes seem to be missing from YouTube.


Learners in NI might want to check the site for info on bursaries for them (or their kids) to attend summer sessions at a Donegal language school. You have to meet certain financial criteria, but it might be worth checking it out.


Go raibh mile maith agat!

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