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getirmek - götürmek

What is the difference between getirmek and götürmek? They both seem to be "bring".

July 18, 2015



They don't both mean "to bring" - only "getirmek" means "to bring". "götürmek" means "to take (something away)"/"to carry (something)".


There are places in Turkey (namely Zonguldak, Karabük, Kastamonu, Bartın and Düzce) where you almost always hear "götürmek" and rarely herar "getirmek," especially in villages. After living there, I struggle with this :) Amrbekhit is totally correct though :)


I've never been there but I already like the people there just because of this. ;)


I am a native American English speaker and I have a very difficult time distinguishing between these two verbs, because "take" and "bring" are fairly synonymous.

It seems that, like Amrbekhit said above, the verb changes depending on if you are already in the place where you brought something, or if you haven't not yet gone to the place where you are bringing something.

I created a mnemonic device for my myself to remember which location is implied in each verb: götürmek - sort of sounds like "go to there" (gö tü there), i.e. I am going to bring something there

getirmek - sort of sounds like "get to here" (get tir), i.e. I made something get here (I brought it here)

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