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  5. "Vi spiser tomaten."

"Vi spiser tomaten."

Translation:We eat the tomato.

July 18, 2015



As a german native speaker it's sometimes confusing when the danish word is the same as the german word, but the defined danish form of the word looks like the german plural plural form. So of course I wrote "We eat tomatoes" thinking about the german word Tomaten ( = tomatoes). Same happened for example with the word "suppe".

But I just started learning danish so I hope I won't get confused anymore after a little bit more practice.


I'm a Dutch native speaker and I have the same problem ^=^


I'm not a German native speaker but I've learned the language and I have the same problem. The only way out is always having the Danish pronunciation in mind: it's different enough.


We danish people have many words there look like the German words


Must be a big tomato


I just can never tell when a word is plural or not.


Explain why this is wrong please

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