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Georgian lesson: Personal Pronouns

Georgian, as any other language, has personal pronouns. Here they are:

მე (Me)-I

შენ (Shen)-You (Informal; singular)

ის (Is)-He/She (Georgian doesn't define genders, so it's used "Is" for both "he" and "she". In Georgian literature there is also used pronoun "იგი"(Igi) to define "he" and "she". "იგი" and "ის" are the same, but in talking language "ის" is mostly used)

ჩვენ (Chven)-We

თქვენ (Tqven)-You (Formal; plural. Georgian "Tqven" is also used for formality, as "Vous" is in French, "Lei" in Italian, "Usted" in Spanish and "Sie" in German. Basically, our "Tqven" is most similar to French "Vous", as both are also pronouns for second person plural)

ისინი (Isini)-They (in poetry is also used pronoun "იგინი"(Igini) (plural of "იგი" (Igi)), but very rarely, we generally don't use it anymore, it's an old form)

These are our pronouns :)

The link to all the posts: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9660890

July 18, 2015



Thank you for taking your time to post this.


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