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  5. "What is in the park?"

"What is in the park?"

Translation:Що є в парку?

July 18, 2015



Is it necessary to have "є" here?


use є not all Ukrainian know right

for speaking in this case is possible without є


No, it is not imperative. In this case, however, the use of the word є indicates that we want to know what is present, what exists in the park. It emphasizes the being-ness of things.

Without Є it could be a question in response to a conversation about something that's happening in the park. If two people are discussing a festival, someone who overhears them might ask Що у парку?

But Що є у парку? unequivocally indicates that the asker wants to know what exists or is present there and the answer could easily be "trees, playgrounds, people with dogs, etc."

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