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"Ви дивитеся українські канали?"

Translation:Do you watch Ukrainian channels?

July 18, 2015



Як можна дивитися українські канали? Я хочу витися щость.


There are number of Ukrainian channels that are available online, but they are usually available for watching in Ukraine only


I think I know how to deal with it. Can you give me some links?


However, it may be not the easiest task to find a show in Ukrainian on Ukrainian television as there are too many Russian series and movies (they are broadcasted with Ukrainian subs) and Ukrianian talk shows in Russian. That's why news channels and national channel seem to be your best choice :D


http://tet.tv/uk/ - "ТЕТ" - good entertainment channel


Would "Are you watching the Ukrainian channels?" be a valid answer?


It would, it's more about English grammar tenses. But in this case it's more like "Do you watch.." in generally. "Are you watching.." should be used more likely for one certain channel for a partical time "now", for instance.


My comment is linked to a couple of comments from previous years. My answer was "are you watching Ukrainian channels" This answer should also be accepted, unless there a different way to ask that and if there is the hover hints, which give the meaning of дивитеся as watching, need to be changed. Whether to use "do you" or "are you" is confusing, so thank you for any answers given.

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