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  5. "No bus comes at this time."

"No bus comes at this time."

Translation:Bu saatte hiç otobüs gelmez.

July 18, 2015



So as it stands at the moment, "hiç otobüs bu zamanda gelmez" is not accepted. I've suggested it as an alternative, but I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between hiç and hiçbir and when you'd use each one.


"Hiç otobüs bu zamanda gelmez" sounds clumsy. The best way to use "hiç" is: Hiç + noun + verb.

Hiç öğrenci yok. ; Hiç kimseyi görmedim. ; Hiç İngiltere'ye gitmedi. etc.

When you include other things in between, it starts to sound off. So, stick to hiç-noun-verb.

Hiç is an adverb, so it can be used directly next to a verb too: "Hiç konuşmaz" (He never speaks.)

"Hiçbir" is an adjective and usually means "none/any of the" or "any/no kind of".

Hiçbir elmayı yememiş. - He didn't eat any of the apples!

Hiçbir dondurma bunun kadar güzel değil. - No kind of ice cream tastes as good as this one.

So if you say "hiçbir otobüs gelmez", you're saying: "None of the buses would come."

Lastly, "bu zamanda" is a fixed expression that we use to mean "nowadays" or "in this age".

Ex: Bu zamanda iş bulmak zor. (It's hard to find a job nowadays.)


Thanks for taking the time to leave such a comprehensive response.


your answer is wrong, but I cannot come up with an explanation right now, I'll ask the other team members :)


"Bu saatte otobüs hiç gelmez" is also correct! X(


why the locative suffix does not follow the the harmony rule here


Because, 'saat' is a word of Arabic origin which is pronounced a bit softer than a normal 'a', slightly like 'e'. Compare its sound with other 'a's in Turkish, you'll notice.


Thank you very much Ektoraskan . That was my question as well . Thanks for your help.


"No bus comes at this time." Translation: Bu saatte hiç otobüs gelmez.


Bu saatte otobüs gelmez.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo omitting, "hiç."

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