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Found A Way To Review Flashcards In Esperanto!

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to figure this out, but have searched and haven't found a thread on it and thought I'd inform people of it. I found a way to review flashcards in Esperanto (which doesn't support flashcards)! Below are the steps and requirements needed to be preformed in order to do this, enjoy!

  1. You must be doing a course which supports flashcards (for me, that's French), otherwise this exploit cannot be preformed.

  2. You need to open up https://www.duolingo.com/ in two separate tabs, we'll call them tab 1 and tab 2.

  3. Open a flashcard supported language in tab 1 (for me, that's French) first, do not switch the language in this tab until during you have finished using the flashcards.

  4. Open Esperanto in tab 1 second, now leave this tab open and return to the flashcard supported language in tab 1.

  5. Click "Review flashcards" and the flashcards will show up in Esperanto, not French!

Hope you all have fun with this!

July 18, 2015



I do flashcards the old fashioned way: cut an 3x5 index card in half and write the foreign word on one side with the English translation on the other side


That's a great idea, but there are a lot of words on Duolingo and it would take a long time to make flashcards for even the relatively short (in comparison to others) Esperanto course.


heh. thee should see the piles of flashcards I have from my military russian courses (an average of 20 words per DAY for about 4 days every week for 47 and 37 weeks). I only used to put the words on cards that I didn't remember from working on them in class exercises. E.g. the pronouns, mi, vi, li, etc. probably won't need to be put on cards. more esoteric words would need to be put on cards.


You must be excited for the Russian incubator course, then?


Wow it works! :O


I'm getting an error 404 page not found when I try. They must of changed it.


I use the free spaced repetition program Anki (www.ankisrs.net) and downloaded the Esperanto 101 deck. It's not exactly the same as Duo, but that's actually a strength. I also made my own deck of all 45 correlatives using the Wikipedia entry. It's easier to study them together because you pick up patterns more easily that way.


Interesting. I don't use the review flashcards feature or real-life flashcards too often, how effective would you say they are?


Highly effective, especially for the correlatives. Anki's spaced repetition algorithm is excellent, so it's a very efficient use of your time.


I'll make sure to try them out, thank you. Where can you find the decks?


Once you have an Anki account, go to https://ankiweb.net/decks/ and click on "Get Shared Decks". It's also easy to make your own.


I've started using Anki, it's great. Thank you so much!

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