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Found A Way To Review Flashcards In Irish!

Now, I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to figure this out, but have searched and haven't found a thread on it and thought I'd inform people of it. I found a way to review flashcards in Irish (which doesn't support flashcards)! Below are the steps and requirements needed to be preformed in order to do this, enjoy!

  1. You must be doing a course which supports flashcards (for me, that's French), otherwise this exploit cannot be preformed.

  2. You need to open up https://www.duolingo.com/ in two separate tabs, we'll call them tab 1 and tab 2.

  3. Open a flashcard supported language in tab 1 (for me, that's French) first, do not switch the language in this tab until during you have finished using the flashcards.

  4. Open Irish in tab 1 second, now leave this tab open and return to the flashcard supported language in tab 1.

  5. Click "Review flashcards" and the flashcards will show up in Irish, not French!

Hope you all have fun with this!

July 18, 2015



Go hiontach!


What is the URL of the "Review Flashcards" link? I wonder if the URL works even if you haven't signed up for a language that doesn't use Flashcards?


It isn't a link, the URL doesn't change as you click it. I tried multiple times to copy it for you, it doesn't work I'm afraid.


You wouldn't have to actually do another language, all you would need to do is one or two lessons in the "Basics 1" lesson of a supported language. Also, learning an additional language greatly benefits you in learning the ones you are already learning.

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