Request: More inverted translations

Hey guys,

I would like to suggest to invert the translations more often.

I am learning Italian mostly, and I always have to translate from Italian to English. While this is very rewarding, I suppose I would learn more if I had to translate from English to Italian most of the time. Maybe the lessons could switch after working through them the first time. I would love to see this on Duolingo.

However, thanks for this app. You guys are awesome! :)

Cheers, Flo

July 18, 2015


Do you use the general "strengthen skills" button, because I usually find I need to do more translations from english to italian than when I just select the skill. I haven't measured it but this my feeling. Also there is the reverse tree (learn english from italian), but you do miss out on listening exercises and italian pronunciation.

July 20, 2015

Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, I think you are right. I just started to strengthen skills because until now it was easy enough to just progress through. Now the repetition seems much more difficult with new sentences even and more translations English-Italian.

Duolingo is even better than I thought it was. :-)

August 1, 2015
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