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"Kvinnen vil ikke hjelpe barnet."

Translation:The woman does not want to help the child.

July 18, 2015



I still have so much trouble distinguishing barnet from barna because of the silent t.


The ending is still noticeably different when spoken, at least it should be.


What duolingo is missing is the ability to compare audio on words that sound the same. I'd like to be able to select words that sound the same to my ear like 'barnet' and 'barna' and repeatedly play them one after the other. This would also be useful in confirming pronunciation of letters that we don't have in English (like comparing 'ma' and 'må'


That would have been a neat feature for sure.


It can be a lot harder than native speakers think, for foreigners to distinguish between sounds they are not used to. :)


You're not the only one. Most of the time I get it wrong, unless it's totally unambiguous from the sentence (Barnet leser boken hennes, for example). I have a lot of trouble distinguishing very similar sounds in English as well with my dodgy hearing, which leads to some bizarre interpretations in my house. The KJ/SKJ distinction is also one I can't pick up at all (nor can I reliably copy the sound, frustratingly.)


I can distinguish the sounds pretty well, I'm sure it's being pronounced "barna" in the fast audio and "barnet" in the slow one.

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Could this be translated as "The woman will not help the child."?


Yes, but "does not want to" would be the more likely interpretation.


I'm still having trouble with there being no distinction between "will" and "want." Is there a specific way to say "She will eat fish" instead of "She wants to eat fish"?


"The woman DOESN'T want to help the child." is not accepted... :(


I put "the woman will not help the child" wouldn't the correct sentence be "Kvinnen vil ikke ha hjelpe barnet"? or is there another distinguished way of saying want and will?


Is there a significant difference between 'I like to' and 'I want to' in english? I often get it wrong (in Duolingo). :/

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